Murillo Overseas

Business Development & Marketing Consulting Firm

Our services

Our services will be customized to your needs, to deliver results and cost-effective marketing and business development solutions to help businesses to export, generate growth without our clients having to worry about different living habit, culture and language.

With our knowledge and experiences will help you develop strategy that focuses on building awareness on your new markets. We facilitate the conduct of business and trade between companies in North America, Europe and the markets of Iraq, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Middle East. We offer years of experiences, a multitude of contacts, provide a full selection of services, including:

  • Market assessments.
  • Developing local contacts for government projects.
  • Developing local contacts for wholesale distribution or partnership.
  • Assistance with local regulations, requirements and certification.
  • Competitive bidding for government’s projects.
  • Translation and localization of marketing materials.
  • Installation, maintenance and after sales services.
  • Distributor and end-user support.

We have served many multi-national companies in a wide range of industries successfully to achieve their export, work with local experts and partners as needed and provide access to local resources that can assist companies to export.